Aloha my name is Micah Nickens I’m 46 and I’m the founder of the Uncles Movement.  The reason I started this movement was to encourage my group of friends (including myself) to never throw in the towel no matter what our age. We’ve all been through the ringer with injuries, illnesses, responsibilities, and day to day challenges. It becomes much easier to start listening to the excuses that float around in our head the older we get. The Uncles Movement is a mindset meant to combat those excuses and shut them the F up.

The reality is… We are in an exciting time in our lives. Technology is so far advanced, if we treat our bodies with respect, we’ll get to play hard well into the later part of our lives. This isn’t just about physical well-being, but even more so mental awareness. The UM mindset encourages us to address our challenges, face them, and correct them. Live life to fullest, love hard, forgive yourself and others, and laugh as much as humanly possible. This way of life is not easy to live by, but we’ll try our hardest to do so. It’s the Uncles Movement way ♥️💯 It’s a mindset, you in?? #ageisonlyanumber #itsamindset